Thiago Gomes

Born: February, 1977
Birth place: Sao Paulo, Brazil
Jumps: 7,000+
Container: Javelin Odyssey
Reserve: PD Optimum 113
Main: PD Comp Velocity 84
AAD: Vigil 2+
Jump Suit: Airtime Designs, Tony suit - Pit Special
Helmet: Cookie Composites G3
Altimeter: L&B Optima & Viso
Home Drop Zone: Skydive Arizona, and Boituva in Brazil
Reserve rides: 5 (and about 70 intentional)

Where and when did you start jumping? Boituva, Brazil. I was 10 years old when I made my first tandem jump. Then in 1994 I started a Static Line progression at the same drop zone.

What made you try skydiving? My parents were both very active skydivers during the late 60’s through the early 80’s. A big portion of my early childhood was spent playing around at the DZ and we always knew it was a matter of time until I tried it.

Joined Airspeed: December 2012

Hobbies: Trail Running. Travelling. Hanging out with my dogs.

What was your path to Airspeed? 1997-1998-Os Canibais, 1999-2000-Azul do Ceu (Brazilian National Team in 2000-2001), Skyhigh 2004-2005 (South African National Team in 2004), 2008-2009-Sebastian Tempest, 2010-2012-SDC Rhythm XP.

Countries visited for skydiving: Paraguay, Spain, France, South Africa, Swaziland, Croatia, U.A.E., Czech Republic.

Most memorable medal: 2014 Silver Medal at the World Championships (One more step to the Gold).

What made you start competing? Like most kids growing up I tried out and played several sports, but I never found something I really liked or wanted to seriously pursue . After my first Static Line jump that changed completely. Although excited about the sport of skydiving as a whole, I was really fascinated by 4-Way formation skydiving. I knew I had found something big and the desire to train and compete started kicking in. I wanted to become a champion.

Highest average in competition: 25.6 skydiving and 28.7 wind tunnel

Plans for the future: Win a World Championships in 4-Way Formation Skydiving

Competition History:

  • 1997-Brazilian Nationals 4-Way FS Rookie-Silver
  • 1998-Brazilian Nationals 4-Way FS Intermediate-Silver
  • 1999-Brazilian Nationals 4-Way FS Open-Bronze
  • 2000-Brazilian Nationals 4-Way FS Open-Gold
  • 2000-Brazilian Nationals 8-Way FS Open-Gold
  • 2004-South African Nationals 4-Way FS Open-Gold
  • 2004-South African Nationals 8-Way FS Open-Silver
  • 2012-US Nationals 4-Way FS Open-Silver
  • 2012-US Nationals 8-Way FS Open-Silver
  • 2013 US Nationals - 1st Place - 4-way Open (Arizona Airspeed)
  • 2013 US Nationals - 2nd Place - 8-way Open (Arizona Airspeed)
  • 2014 US Nationals - 1st Place - 4-way Open (Arizona Airspeed)
  • 2014 US Nationals - 2nd Place - 8-way Open (Arizona Airspeed)
  • 2014 World Championships - 2nd place - 4-way Open (Arizona Airspeed / USA)
  • 2015 US Nationals - 1st Place - 4-way Open (Arizona Airspeed)
  • 2015 US Nationals - 2nd Place - 8-way Open (Arizona Airspeed)